Hire us to create spaces

that are calm and organized

with systems that are 

functional, manageable,

and sustainable. 

Being organized will eliminate time-consuming chores and unwanted stress.

    Closets     Bathrooms      Bedrooms      Kitchens      Pantries 

   Laundry Rooms      Playrooms      Children’s Rooms 

    Home Offices      Seasonal Décor      Garages   



The time has come in my life to share my gift with others. Organizing things and spaces has always been my passion. I am a mom of two children, wife, post corporate career woman and Wofford College graduate.

As a child I turned a closet into an office. Going to buy school supplies was like Christmas morning. Classmates called me for homework assignments because they knew I had a completed color-coded agenda.  My friends and those who worked with me often said "you are the organized one."  At every job, I initially established an organizational system with labeled files, e-mail account folders and easily accessible resources. Personally, and professionally, I have assessed the

needs of what I have and what I will acquire to set up efficient systems.


Helping people live a more organized,
less chaotic, manageable life is a
dream come true! 



When working with Be an Organized One there is zero judgment.  Confidentiality is held dear to us.  

It is our mission to give you a sense of peace and calm while being honest.  Leaving your space with an organized system that is functionable, manageable and sustainable is our goal. 


"Chalon was lovely - prompt, courteous, and professional.
She has a system that works. She tackled my overwhelming kitchen with ease & left everything in my kitchen & pantry perfectly organized. Now everything has a home!"


"Chalon came for the consult and knocked it out of the park! Her ability to look into the future and foresee our needs was awe inspiring, and we are so indebted to her for helping our family through a transition year as my littles turn into kids. She suggested the containers and furniture we needed but let me help with the search to stick to a very reasonable budget. But truth be told, her services are priceless! We can't thank Chalon enough for the work she has done and for the work she will do, as we have already hired her for our next project! If you are on the fence, call Chalon. You won't regret the decision to invest in her system to #beanorganizedone!!"

- Kellyn, Old Metairie

"Thanks to Chalon, I now have a place for the things I want to keep, and the things I have kept actually mean something to me. And I can find them easily and put them back where they belong easily.  She asked all the right questions to determine the most

appropriate solutions for our organizing challenges. Life is better and easier! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the insides of my organized walk-in closet."

- Monica, New Orleans

"Chalon, I wanted to let you know how much I love my office.  I am currently sitting here now breathing a sigh of relief. Everything is exactly where it should be and that brings me tremendous happiness."