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Professional Kitchen Organizer in New Orleans

Tired of feeling like you are losing your mind in your own home?

Not sure where to start?

Wasting time looking for things

all the time and rushing in a panic?

Wasting money buying what you

already have? 

It is time to say goodbye to cluttered chaos and hello to a manageable home

Let's design spaces and establish routines that work for your busy life!

Imagine feeling like you can easily handle all the to do lists in your life with family support


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Let's get to know one another...

As a mom of two children, wife,

and post corporate career woman,

I have realized how being organized has

created a happier home,

lightened my load,

given me more time to enjoy life,

and saved money.

I get

feeling deflated,

wanting to cry and scream at the same time,

and wondering why things

seem to be more difficult than they should be. 


The methods I have created have been positively life changing for my family and other families.

My passion is to help moms enjoy their children before they move out and have children learn skills in the process to help them as adults.

Now it is time to help you “Be an Organized One”

~ Chalon LaFleur


White Fabric

Release & Relief

Focus: Decluttering

  • Individual 1:1 Sessions

  • 3 Sessions 

  • 50 Minute Sessions 

Session Focus:

1st  - Mindset & Lifestyle 

2nd - Declutter & Edit

3rd - Progress Review & Wrap Up​


Cost: $225


Release & Reset

Decluttering & Organizing

  • Individual 1:1 Sessions

  • 4 Sessions 

  • 50 Minute Sessions

Session Focus:

1st - Mindset & Lifestyle & Vision

2nd - Declutter & Edit

3rd - Categorize & Organize

4th - Progress Review & Wrap Up​

Cost: $300

Sanity & Solutions
Group Membership




Stay Tuned 

Add On Services Available

Products Proposed      
starting at $150

Comfortable Coaching
(individual or family)
$75  for 50 Minutes

*to be used within 6 months of above Package option Purchased
or 6 Months of Active Membership 

Schedule a complimentary 15 Minute Discovery Call

to discuss the best option for you.



Let's Chat!

First we set up a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to talk about your wants and needs.

During the call we discuss your lifestyle and what is causing you the most stress.  We will then determine the next best steps.  


Paperwork & Payment

Once you decide you want to work with Be an Organized One, a working agreement and invoice are sent to take the next steps.


Session Calls

During our calls, you will have a safe place to vent and dream.   You have your own DIY home coach for support and accountability. You will be guided through the steps to declutter, space plan and organize your home to achieve your vision.  


Discussion Recap & Proposal

After our conversation, you will receive an e-mail outlining what was discussed along with  recommendations and an invitation to work together.


Get You on the Schedule

After your working agreement is received and your invoice is paid, you will be contacted to confirm  dates and times. 


Optional Add On ~ Product Recommendations

After decluttering, if you think purchasing products would be important to maintain an organized home you can book a Products Proposed session.  We will then measure your spaces together and talk about product options.  I will then shop online and send online product links for your home and vision. 


“"Chalon has a system that works.  She tackled my overwhelming kitchen with ease & left everything in my kitchen & pantry perfectly organized.
Now everything has a home!" 

KB ~ Kenner LA


After decluttering and organizing a variety of homes and spaces where I lived,

I now help moms in many states create a happier home. 

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